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The Nightfort

The Nightfort Imperial Stout Conditioned on Amburana Wood (11.3% ABV). This beer is a collab with our good friend Brian Dorry. Brian won our pick for best dark beer at this past summer’s Just Brew It homebrew festival, and although we planned on writing a new, large-scale recipe with the winner, his beer was so good we decided to just recreate it as best we could.

If you’ve never heard of amburana, don’t worry. We’d never heard of it either until we tried Brian’s batch. His beer smelled as though he had added a plethora of savory adjuncts, yet he informed us that the wood was the only addition he’d made. To say we were intrigued is an understatement.

In order to stay true to the original recipe, we also relied totally on amburana chips as the only non-malt flavoring in this luscious imperial stout.

The Nightfort is bursting with aromas of cinnamon chocolate cake, oatmeal raisin cookies, hot chocolate topped with nutmeg and a hint of maple syrup-covered pancakes. Although big and viscous, it’s not so sweet that you can’t finish a bottle by yourself (not that I’ve already done that myself). We are extremely excited for this release and so stoked that we were able to bring Brian’s vision to larger-scale production.