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Mixed Culture Buckwheat Saison (Zillicoah Collab) + PennyCup Coffee Porter Release

September 6, 2019
| Beer Release

Come celebrate with us as we release a special collaboration beer close to a year in the making. Back in 2018 we linked up with Zillicoah to brew a very special saison. It was then transferred to Zillicoah where it got a healthy dose of their house Sacch and Bacteria culture. Having slept and matured for close to a year, we are now ready to release it! Come join us as we celebrate the collaboration.  Also, don’t forget to give a warm birthday shout to Parks from Zillicoah!


After the success of La Angostura Coffee Porter, we’ve decided to continue utilizing this base beer to showcase different coffees roasted by the good people at PennyCup Coffee Co. This round we chose Sumatran Jambi beans. Expect heavy notes of milk chocolate, freshly baked muffins, Rolos and faint berries from the coffee on top of the velvety, fudgy character from the base beer. Despite the extremely sweet aromas, the body on this one is only moderately strong keeping it super drinkable. The PennyCup crew are easily some of the finest people Asheville has to offer and this beer is very near and dear to us.

Buckwheat Saison