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Short answer- no.

We have a deep love for funky and acidic beers (especially Belgian lambic) and would love nothing more than to play around with wild cultures. We simply are too fearful of cross-contamination into our other “clean” products in our small brewing space. We are currently exploring options to possibly get some off off-site sour projects in the works. So, keep an eye out in the future.

We do not currently offer tours to the public, although we are looking into making this an option down the road.

Dogs are unfortunately no longer allowed in the taproom. This was a very tough decision since we are all dog lovers. We were blessed with a nice, old wooden floor in the taproom and between fur, drool and urine we are simply not going to be able to keep it adequately clean. Dogs are more than welcome in our outdoor seating area, as long as they are on a leash.